Monthly Meeting


Professor Lawrence Guy Straus

7:30 PM, Tuesday, December 21, 2020

Albuquerque Museum of Art and History
2000 Mountain Road NW

Special notice:
The Albuquerque Museum has booked another party on January 21st. The AAS has been asked to use the south entrance of the Museum for this night only, to prevent confusion with the other party. Access to the auditorium from the main lobby will be roped off, and to get into the auditorium, you MUST use the south entrance. We will still have access to bathrooms and a water fountain. This entrance can be directly accessed from the parking lot south of the museum.

Lawrence Straus is Leslie Spier Distinguished Professor Emeritus  of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico where he has served since 1975. In the same year he received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, where he  also obtained his A.M. and A.B. (Honors) degrees. His dissertation was on the 25-20,000 year-old Solutrean culture of Cantabrian Spain and he is a specialist in the Upper Paleolithic of Western Europe. He has directed/co-directed excavations in Spain, France, Portugal and Belgium. His archaeological fieldwork has spanned most of the late Quaternary period, from the Middle Paleolithic through the Bronze Age, especially the Magdalenian (20-14,000 years ago).

Straus is the author or editor/author of 23 books/special journal issues/monographs and author/co-author of over 600 journal articles, chapters in edited volumes, and reviews. He is past-President of the INQUA Commission on Human Evolution & Paleoecology, former member of the US National Committee for INQUA thrice-appointed by the National Academy of Science, US representative on the UISPP Commission on  the Upper Paleolithic of Eurasia. Straus has been Editor-in-Chief of UNM’s 75- year-old, internationally renowned Journal of Anthropological Research since 1995. His research has been funded by numerous grants from the National Science Foundation, Leakey Foundation, National Geographic Society, Fundación Botín, University of New Mexico, Spanish and Cantabrian Governments.

Straus is perhaps best-known  recently for the discovery and study of the “Red Lady of El Mirón”, a 19,000-year old human burial in a highly ritualized context, published as a special issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science. In 2016, Straus delivered the Annual Research Lecture, the highest honor bestowed on a faculty member by the University of New Mexico. He has given guest lectures at Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Indiana, Arizona State, and several European universities and museums, and at the Smithsonian Institution and Oregon Museum of Science. Straus has been a visiting professor at several universities in Spain, Croatia and Argentina.  Symposia were held (and corresponding books published) in honor of his retirement at the Annual Meeting of the SAA in Orlando and at the III International Meeting on the Solutrean in Faro Portugal. Straus’ French grandfather and great-grandfather were amateur prehistorians in southwest France and as a teenager he got his start in archaeology with the New  Hampshire Archaeological Society. His wife, Mari Carmen, and daughter, Eva, are “montañesas” from Cantabria.


January Entrance


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