We advocate preserving archaeological and other cultural resources, informing members and the public about archaeological and ethnological subjects through our meetings, presentations, newsletter, other electronic media, field trips, volunteer efforts, field surveys, and studies.

2016 Officers and Directors:

President: Carol Chamberland
Vice Presidents: Gretchen Obenauf and Ethan Ortega
Secretary: Joanne Magalis
Treasurer: John Guth
Past President: Marc Thompson
Directors at Large: Evan Kay
and Marc Thompson

Standing Committee Chairs:
Laboratory: Karen Armstrong
Pottery Southwest Publications: Patricia Lee (local contact Arlette Miller)
Newsletter Editor: Helen Crotty
Membership Chair: Diane Courney
Rock Art Projects: Richard Harris, Carol Chamberland
Field Trips: Pat Harris, Steve Rospopo
Refreshments: Ann Carson
Webmasters: Ethan Ortega and Evan Kay