Field Trip # 6: University of New Mexico Office of Contract Archaeology

Field Trip # 6: Office of Contract Archaeology-a Division of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology (OCA)

Leader Name: Evan Kay

Meeting Time: 10:00 am Approx. Finish Time: 11:30 am

# of Attendees: 15

Difficulty of Trip: Indoor building

Description of Trip: The Office of Contract Archaeology (OCA), a division of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, is a cultural resources management program that was established within the university of New Mexico in 1973. Since its inception, OCA has taken a leading role in innovative, large-scale, interdisciplinary cultural resources studies throughout the state of New Mexico and adjacent portions of Arizona, Colorado and Texas. A hallmark of OCA”s service history has been the development of scientifically based management solutions for projects of all sizes.  Our central location, emphasis on both large- and small-scale projects, laboratory facilities, and staff structure are all geared for high-quality and rapid response action demanded by simultaneous multiple tsk projects.  Since 1973, OCA has completed over 1000 cultural resource investigations and has compiled an exemplary record of high quality research, timely performance, and excellent customer satisfaction.

Special Considerations: Indoor Building

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