Field Trip # 4: Casamero Pueblo and NW Multiagency Visitor Center

Field Trip # 4:  Casamero Pueblo and NW Multiagency Visitor Center

Leader Name: Gretchen Obenauf

Meeting Time: 8:45am – Dep 9:00 Approx. Finish Trip Time: 4:30 (Includes travel time/mileage to ABQ  2hours/105 miles.

# of Participants: 20

Description of Field trip: Northwest Multiagency Visitor Center staffed by USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service. Presentation of film on Chaco, interesting exhibits and general information of surrounding area. Restrooms. Covered Picnic tables

 Casamero Pueblo is a small Chacoan Outlier located again the majestic backdrop of the brilliant red sandstone cliffs of Tecolote (Owl Mesa).  Look for the large “owl’s eyes” that give the mesa its name. The pueblo contains 22 ground floor rooms and may have had six second-story rooms.  It was occupied between A.D. 1000 and 1125 and is an excellent example of a Chacoan Outlier, with characteristic core-veneer masonry, an associated Great Kiva, and two Chacoan roads.  A collection of 37 know sites is associated with Casamero and includes numerous small masonry habitation structure.  A Chacoan road connects Casamero community to the nearby outlier of Andrews Ranch.  Foods grown and potter produced in the Casamero community may have been traded to other outliers and to Chaco Canyon itself.  Casamero was excavated between 1066 and 1067 and has since been completely stabilized so that the Chacoan masonry and the site layout are clearly visible to the public.  Interpretive signs have been placed around the ruin.

Difficulty & Recommendations: According to Gretchen: “Not strenuous; rocky, slight incline, arroyo. Trekking poles, hat, sturdy shoes.”

Special Considerations: Bring picnic lunch/water. No facilities at Casamero. Carpool-limited parking at Casamero.

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