Field Trip # 1: Tzelaqui/Sevilleta Pueblo

Field Trip # 1: Piro Pueblo of Tzelaqui/Sevilleta

Leader Name: Michael Bletzer   & Steve Rospopo

Meeting Time10:30am Depart 10:45 Approx. Finish Trip Time: 3:30 (Includes travel time/mileage – 75min/60+ miles).

# of participants: 20

Description: The Ancestral/Colonial Piro pueblo of Tzelaqui/Sevilleta. The pueblo is the only surviving Rio Grande Piro mission pueblo.  Visita mission of San Luis Obispo was established c. 1627/28, but the oldest parts of pueblo date from the 1300s. Abandoned in 1680, the pueblo was briefly re-occupied in 1681.  Ruins include the very small visita complex, a large and possibly fortified Spanish compound, and several pueblo room blocks. Some 600 (and counting) pieces of metal include mostly mail armor and munitions (many fired lead balls), which indicate several hostile encounters at the pueblo.  Also, testing of a circular depression uncovered a burnt kiva (one of possibly three) with traces of wall painting.

Difficulty & Recommendations: According to Michael, “Easy, slight climb on walk to site (c.400m), sandy soil and many loose cobbles around architecture. No shade, no facilities. Inclement weather-bring gear”.

Special Consideration:   Bring Lunch/water, trekking poles, hats, sturdy shoes. No facilities. 

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